Launching the game

The simplest way is:


If you want to play a specific level : just pass its name as the first argument to (without the .lvl extension). For example:

ppython level3

Playing the game

Your goal is to reach the exit in each level. The exit is a big white sphere. You can use “portals” to go from one point of the level to another unreachable point. Just create a portal where you want to go, create a portal near you, go into the portal and “tadam” you’re on the other side.

Here are the available keys (AZERTY keyboard by default, change this in Gate/ if needed):

  • Z, Q, S, D : strafe and move
  • SPACE : jump
  • LMB : create “left” portal
  • RMB : create “right” portal
  • E : erase portals
  • C : clear portal status (for debug purpose only)
  • R : reset position
  • P : print position
  • B : enter pdb

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